The History of Video Games

Have you ever wondered how games nowadays have such life-like graphics? How do developers develop these kinds of games? If yes, then first you need to study the history of games. You need to understand what kind of technologies led to this day where it is hard to differentiate between reality and games. So, in this post, we are going to discuss the History of Video games. You can visit to get daily gaming tips and tricks.

When did it all start?

A video game was not a thing until the 1950s. Some computer scientists began developing simple games for research purposes. The first encounter with gaming happened when gaming consoles, joysticks, etc. were launched onto the market. We can say that only after that gaming started to evolve as a billion dollar industry.

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One of the early game was SpaceWars. At that time nobody knew that gaming is going to be such a huge thing.  One more very popular game was Pong and I am sure you must have played.

The Golden Age (1978-1982)

The golden age of gaming industry was when arcade games came in the scene. At that time in order to play the game, you had to drop a coin into the arcade game machine. Gaming in Japan was also at bloom. Electro-mechanical driving and shooting games were really popular. Breakout was released by Nakamura Manufacturing Company. One of the popular games of that era was Space Invaders. It was the first game that introduced the concept of lives. It also used to track the high score.

The Gaming Computer

After the success of Apple II and Commodore PET, many rivals started showing up. Their advertising campaigns raised awareness about gaming and computing in the masses. Commodore 64 was one of the first gaming computers. It had an advanced graphics and sound abilities compared to other computers of its time.

As Apple Macintosh came with it’s GUI many developers started building games for PC. Lode Runner game was one of those games which were developed on Apple Macintosh.

PC gaming

As the computing power increased and cost of processors decreased developers started to build 3D games. Elite, Starglider were some of the early 3D games. Many gaming genres started to emerge. Real-time strategy genre was popularized by Dune II. Alone in the dark flamed the survival horror genre. Resident Evil is one of the most popular survival horror games. As more computing power became available more complex games started to develop. Sim City was one of the most complex games developed in that era.

Now, today we have access to great computing power. We have dedicated graphics card, sound cards, many gigabytes of RAMs and really fast processors. That’s why we are able to play games like PUBG, Assassins Creed, and many other life-like games. The gaming industry has traveled a really long distance from SpaceWars to AAA titles. We hope it keeps evolving more and more. That’s it for today’s article. Thanks for reading.

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