Some free games on steam that you should try

If you thought that steam is only about paid games then you are wrong! There are numerous free games on steam that you can try and enjoy just as much as a paid game. So, in today’s post we are going to tell you about some of the best free steam games that you can play and enjoy. We are going to talk about top 5 games on steam that you can play for free. So, without any further ado let’s get started!

Dota 2

We all know about the Dota 2 game. It’s one of the most played games on Steam even today and the best part is that it is completely free to play (has some in-game purchases that does not affect the gameplay at all). Dota 2 is a MOBA genre game in which your aim is to capture the opponent’s base called as Ancient. To accomplish this target you use various heroes which have various powers and attacks. BEWARE: – You can get really addicted to this game.

Path of Exile

Path of exile is a very popular RPG in which you play the game from third-person perspective. In the starting of the game you are allowed to choose from 6 different classes. Path of exile is know to be dark and grim and that is what is needed in a great RPG game. If you like RPG Genre then this game is a must play.


Do you like playing games like Call of Duty and CS :GO? If yes, then Warface is the game that you should give a try. Warface is FPS game in which you can choose a class to play from. The classes in this game are: – Sniper, Rifleman, Engineer, and Medic. This is pretty similar to Battlefield 1 class system. The game can be played in PvP and PvE modes. It’s a great FPS game given that’s it free to play.

best free steam games


Duelyst as you know is a popular card-summoning game. If you have played the game Clash Royale then you will find this game a little similar to that. In Duelyst you have to summon a card and the character associated with that card starts fighting in the arena. The goal is to destroy opponent’s base. This game is full with eye-catchy animations, effects etc. which will keep you stuck to this game.

PlanetSide 2

One of the best free steam games available on the Internet. I really like Planetside 2 and I am regular player of this game. I would have played this game even if I had to pay some bucks to get it. This game is an amazing sci-fi fps shooter game that has great graphics, huge maps and what not. Tanks, ground vehicles, airplanes you get to see everything in this game. The best part is that one server can even comprise of 2000 players at once. Just imagine how awesome it’s going to be.


So, that’s it for today’s post on best free steam games. I hope you liked it. Comment below if you think that we missed some game/games. We really love to hear from you! Stay tuned for more such articles. Goodbye!

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