PUBG Mobile Tips for Beginners

Hello, gamers! It’s time to talk about our favorite and one of the most popular games. Yes! You guessed it right we are talking about PUBG Mobile. In today’s post, we are going to share some PUBG Mobile tricks with you. These tips and tricks are going to help you get more chicken dinners. So, without any further ado let’s get started!

PUBG Mobile tips and tricks

  • Drop in overcrowded areas: – I have seen many newbies trying hard to win games. They drop at places where they don’t get contested by other players and stay away from places where many players drop. Well, let me tell you one thing. That’s not the recipe for winning games in PUBG. As a beginner, you should first work n your combat skills. And to do that you should get an experience of how weapons work in this game. To get that experience I will highly recommend you to drop at highly populated places like Military Base, School, Pecado, Pochinki etc. Drop at these places again and again without worrying about getting killed until you feel confident in dropping these areas.
  • Don’t leave footprints: – Always close the door after you enter a building. This will attract other players to search for loot in that building as they will think it’s not yet looted. When they enter the house you can easily ambush them and get a kill. Other ways to hide your footprints are – i) Park the car near the road and not in an unusual place. Cars are usually spawned near the roads so park them there only. This will not alert your enemies. On the other hand, if you parked it near a building your enemies will know that you are hiding in that building. ii) Close all the doors of the building after looting it and going away.

pubg mobile tricks

  • Shoot when you are confident: – The game is about surviving till the last and to accomplish that you should never ever give away your positions without getting anything in return. So, it’s wise to only shoot your enemy when you are confident enough about killing them. If they are at a really long range and you think that you can’t get the kill, don’t even try. The reason is that shooting gives away your location and players around you will know that you are present nearby. It is not what a survivor will want.
  • Rushing the unarmed enemies: – Luck plays a crucial role in the starting of the game. So, suppose you dropped in an area and you see an enemy drop in that area too. You entered a house and found a weapon. At this moment you can either try to play it safe and search for armors and other weapons or you can just rush towards your enemy with the weapon you found. It will be an easy kill if they haven’t found a weapon yet. Although it can fail if they found a better weapon than you and are aware of your rush.
  • Watch pro players: – Learn from players like Shroud, ChocoTaco, Dr. Disrespect and analyze how they play and what decision they take in certain situations. Three factors decide whether you are going to win or not in this game – 1) Your aiming skills. 2) Your decision-making capabilities and 3) Luck. Improve your aiming skills and decision-making capabilities by practicing more and leave everything else on luck. Watch the video below to learn more about PUBG Mobile tips and tricks.

So, that’s it for today! We will bring you more PUBG mobile tips and tricks in the future. Till then stay tuned and keep gaming. Thanks for reading. Share this post with your friends and other gamers to help them too.




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